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Why Fight Your Ticket

It's CHEAPER than paying the Fines and higher Insurance Premiums.
Unlike traffic school, where the ticket remains on your record, a DISMISSED traffic ticket never happened.
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How We Beat It

Trial By Written Declaration

Our professional filing company knows how the California judicial system works, and you can contest your ticket without even setting a foot in court! How do we do that, you ask?

It's called Trial By Written Declaration. You tell us about your case, we do our own investigation of the laws and circumstances, and we file the case, while you get on with your everyday life. How easy is that?

Too Lazy Ticket will prepare and file the Trial by Written Declaration for you.

How It Works

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Send us the required paperwork along with your bail and our fees.
We prepare your written defense and file your Trial by Written Declaration directly with the court.
When the ticket is dismissed, the Court will send you a formal notification along with your bail refund.
You get on with life by spending the bail refund and insurance premium savings on yourself.